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Service, Parts and Accessories
At Village Discount Golf Car we take care to provide our customers high quality service. We sell and service EZ GO and Yamaha. If we don't have the part you need, we can get it for you quickly.

Annual Service
Regular annual service is crucial, affordable and easy. Call us for an appointment and we will come to your house and perform the maintenance in your driveway.
Service: 352-633-8480

We Change
  • oil
  • spark plug
  • fuel filter
  • both air filters
We Check the overall operation of the cart
  • Back up Buzzer
  • Battery
  • Belts
  • Brake Lights
  • Brakes
  • Choke
  • Clutches
  • Control Pedals
  • Horn
  • Lights
  • Throttle Cables
  • Tire Pressure
  • Tire Lug Nugs Tightened
  • Tire Wear
  • Turn Signals
  • Voltage Regulator

Getting to know your Gas Golf Car

  Starting With your key in the ignition turn to the right to activate. When not in use, either remove key or leave it straight up, otherwise you could drain your battery.
The red button on the dash, to the left of your ignition is your oil indicator. If it is lit, 10W-30 oil must be added immediately. Engine requires 1 quart. If it persists call us for service.
  Always lock parking brakes when parking; press down the P block on the left side of the brake pedal. Pressing the gas pedal automatically releases the parking brake.

Forward, Neutral & Reverse

  The lever located between the driver and passenger seat will only indicate F or R. You can find neutral halfway between F and R. Neutral makes is easy for you and your back. Use it to move the cart around without engaging the motor. For your safety Reverse should always emit a siren sound when engaged. The choke is useful in cold weather. Next to the F & R lever, simply pull it and start the cart. It will retract itself automatically.
  Emergency flashers are located on steering column, to the right of your signals/light arm control. The end of arm control contains your horn. Push it in to emit sound. Lift your seat to access your 5.8 gallon fuel tank, oil dip stick and oil fill cap.

Useful Tidbits
Gas grade matters, use the best grade you can.

Your fuel gauge has built in top headspace which makes it more accurate when it is empty. Full will not read really full, but empty is accurate.

Your VIN serial number is located under the passenger seat, behind the fuel tank, on the frame of the cart.

Your valance is exposed to the sun. Keep all the tops zippered about 2-3 inches to help keep its original shape.

Spray WD-40 on a paper towel and gently rub the dual windshield rubber stops. You will not be pulling them off when putting your top windshield back up.

Things not to do
For your safety golf cart speed limit is 20 mph, respect it; the fines are steep.
Your windshield is not glass.
Do not use products that contain ammonia, rubbing alcohol works great..
Use a soft cloth, not paper towels.

Cleaning your Cart
Protect your paint: use automotive detergents or Meguiar’s instant detailer only. Automotive wax is fine.
Protect your tires with Armorall or similar
Windshields are sensitive: use a soft microfiber cloth and a non ammonia cleaner. Rubbing Alcohol works great.

For the ambitious: Wipe your engine with an old rag or use degreaser and water.
Pour a thin mixture of baking soda and water over the battery and rinse with water.
To avoid staining your garage or your driveway position your cart over your lawn or street.

Checking your Oil

The example photo above will show you where to find the oil dip stick.
With the cart motor cold, remove stick and wipe it clean with a paper towel or a rag.
Re-insert the clean stick slowly and all the way down.
Remove slowly and check the oil color and level.
There are marks at the tip that indicate optimal full level.
The oil color should not be ebony black.

Keep an Eye on Tires
Your tire pressure should be 20-24 PSI
Check it at least quarterly to extend the life of your tires.
Unlike tires on a car you cannot feel low air pressure in golf carts.

Long Term Storage

Carbureted Carts Only

If your cart will be unused for an extended period of time (more than a few months) you should prepare it for dormancy.

  • Drive your golf cart just outside of your garage or ventilate well.
  • On your gas tank there will be a red button. It is the fuel shut off valve.
  • Turn it to the off position
  • Put your cart in Neutral so it does not move
  • Press the gas pedal until your cart ‘Put, Puts’ out of gas. (About 2 minutes)
  • Push the cart back in your garage.

When you return
  • Turn the fuel valve to the on position
  • Put your cart in Neutral
  • Pull the choke and keep it pulled out
  • Give the cart some gas. About 30 seconds.
  • When your engine ‘Vroom, Vrooms’ push the choke back in.
  • That’s it.
Welcome back to The Villages and enjoy your cart.

Sunbrella® easy care
One of the best ways to keep Sunbrella® fabrics looking good and to delay deep or vigorous cleaning is to properly maintain the fabrics.
This can be accomplished by simply brushing off dirt before it becomes embedded in the fabrics,
wiping up spills as soon as they occur or spot cleaning after stains occur.
Try hosing the fabrics with clear water on a monthly basis

Sunbrella® do’s & don’ts
  • Cleaning Products: mild soap such as Ivory Snow, Dreft or Woolite.
  • Water Temperature: cold to lukewarm. Never more than 100° F/38°C
  • Rinse Thoroughly: remove all soap residue
  • Air Dry Only: Never apply heat to Sunbrella® fabrics.
Step by Step cleaning
  • Brush off loose dirt
  • Hose down
  • Cleaning Solution
  • Use a soft bristle brush to clean
  • Allow solution to soak into the fabric
  • Rinse well, remove all soap residue
  • Air dry
  • Repeat if necessary
Things not to do
  • Prevent mildew.
  • Do not roll up the sides unless absolutely dry, even if you wipe them down.
Hours of Operation
9:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday
10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Saturday
11 a.m. - 3 p.m. Sunday

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